Roadmapper preliminary homepage

Roadmapper is the name of a project which goal it is to create a fully Open Sourced travel-assistant. Roadmapper consists of various pieces of standard hardware and (fully Open Sourced) software and data.

Roadmapper bases on standard PC hardware and other standard hardware components, like radio, mobile phone and a GPS receiver. It receives data from hardware inside your vehicle, e.g. GAL pulses from your speedometer and signals from your gearbox, oil-pressure sensor, on-board-computer etc.

Roadmapper will be able to process various dataformats, like RDS, SMS and (Open Source) digital maps on CD and hard-disk.

Roadmapper can be used for various tasks, amongst them:

Roadmapper is a bi-directional system: it is able to send and receive messages to and from various hardware- and software systems. It uses a standardized, open messaging format named Roadmapper Universal Messaging (RUM). RUM messages are handled by a set of (software-)modules. These modules in turn communicate with the various hardware components. RUM is able to use encryption and has authentication mechanisms built-in.

E.g. a RUM message could be sent to your car, originating from your dealer. Of course, the dealer would need to have your permission to send you this type of messages, and you, and only you, are in control of who is allowed to send/receive data to and from your Roadmapper box.

Say, the dealer has permission to read out the values stored in your car's board computer. Your car would transmit these, using RUM encryption/authentication, the dealer's computers would decrypt the data and analyze it. Perhaps they will send you a RUM message to inform you that you should visit the garage. Of course, your PDA will be informed too and the route to the garage is automatically calculated by the navigator in your Roadmapper box.

The same messaging system can be used to update the digital maps or to inform you about traffic jams and bad weather. They can be used to send you e-mail's too. And RUM enables you to sent messages yourself: peer-to-peer or to (sub-)groups of Roadmapper users e.g. to inform them about traffic jams, speed-traps etc, or simply to arrange a meeting during lunch. Gateways between e.g. Teletekst and RUM, RDS and RUM and e-mail and RUM are foreseen (and probably there will be many more).

The Roadmapper team will meet for the first time somewhere during this summer. Initiators are Henk Klöpping and Dirk-Jan Faber.


The LinuxCAR DashPC is a integrated computer console, built on the Linux operating system, integrated in the dashboard of a car. It has GPS, DVD, address books etc.
Gpsdrive is a map-based navigation system. It displays your position on a zoomable map provided from a NMEA-capable GPS receiver.
Gnomad is a GPS street map viewer (for the USA), running on *BSD and Linux.
Midori is a Linux based Open Source operating system, especially designed to run on small devices.
GPS3D is a collection of utilities to manipulate a handled GPS device from your PC, and vizualize the result in 3D.
A set of utilities to adress text menus via IR
Xrmap is a program running under X that can interactively display portions of the Earth, using the huge CIA world vector map.
A program that allows you to navigate a text menu using a remote control supported by lirc, particularly useful for headless (no monitor attached) systems, such as home/car systems.
A similar project we might join
a highway trip planner, designed for planning trips between cities. Currently includes two databases of North American highways, with other areas planned for the future.
One of the GPS receivers we could use
A catalogue of GPS receivers
Text-to-speech (proprietary)
Text-to-speech (Open Source)
About the NMEA 0183 Version 2.0 standard, used by a lot of GPS equipment
GPS Manager (GPSMan) is a graphical manager of GPS data that makes possible the preparation, inspection and edition of GPS data in a friendly environment. GPSMan supports communication and real-time logging with both Garmin and Lowrance receivers and accepts real-time logging information in NMEA 0183 from any GPS receiver.
Open Source GPS software - The software available is the Linux GPS receiver software based on the Qt toolkit. This provides for simple logging of a journey, replay of a logged journey, a real-time moving map display and the ability to add and edit your own maps and features. For copyright reasons this software does not come bundled with a usable set of maps. The current release level is 1.0 and the gzipped archive is approximately 1.5MB including a fully working binary and one sample map.