Rule Set Based Access Control consists of a patch on the Linux kernel (2.4/2.2 series) and some additional software, to implement a flexible, extendible security framework. In a series of four articles Henk Klöpping will introduce RSBAC. These articles are/will be published (in Dutch) in the Dutch magazine "Linux Magazine". Updated versions of these articles (in English) will start appearing on this site as of june 2002. All DocBook source code for these articles will be available from this site later this year.

Additionally, a more elaborate Open Source book on this topic (and on some related topics) will be created with these articles as their origin. That book will be freely available and will be published on this site later this year (2003). For more information on RSBAC, please check out the RSBAC site.

Latest update: May 14th 2003, added English translation of 2nd article.

RSBAC article 1/4 [dutch] [english]
RSBAC article 2/4 [dutch] [english]
RSBAC article 3/4 [dutch] [english]
RSBAC article 4/4 [dutch] [english]