DOSIS/GP is an acronym for Dutch Open Source Information Systems for use by General Practitioners. It is part of the OpenKaart initiative.

The initiators of the DOSIS/GP project are Enne Bouma (GP), Henk Klöpping and Bert Verhees (IT). To inform the general public about our plans, we decided to outline them in a plan of action. This POA is currently under development (in alpha stage). You will find links to the concepts below. The alpha concepts are written in Dutch, the beta concepts will be in English.

One measures a circle starting anywhere - so I decided I just as well could start with the design of a amamnesis system, combined with an electronic market place where doctors and patients can meet (DocHopping). To check for developments, you may check our experimental server from time to time.

If you want to participate in our project you can mail the project leader (Henk Klöpping) However, bear in mind that for now it is an unpaid project, done in our spare time. However, it requires a professional attitude and skillset either as a GP or an experienced IT worker.

Goals, means (Henk)(Dutch)
First draft of POA (Bert)(Dutch)
First draft of tender (Enne)(Dutch)